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Zagal Audiovisual is a contents, audiovisual and cinematographic services company, based in Cáceres (Extremadura). It began in the middle of 2008, although the professionals that are part of it have a wide experience in the whole fields and processes related to audiovisual production. As producers they have worked in advertising field making ads for important organizations and institutions, like Caja de Extremadura (bank), Extremadura Assembly or Extremadura Government. Some of this ads are: "Assembly Elections", "Alimentos de Extremadura", "Delta Coffee" or "Lopez Morenas Winery". Among cinematographic works they stand out their production tasks in "Verás" short film, by Mario Andrada, Seminci Festival Selection in 2008, Portuguese-Spanish Coproduction "Goodnight Irene", by Paolo Marinou-Blanco (2008) and "Planes para Mañana", by Juana Macías (2010), just like their recent nomination by "Vía Tango", by Adriana Navarro, Best Animated Short film in Goya Awards 2014. In addition, they underline their work in the tourist promotion of Extremadura, like the recent series made for International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR 2013), called "Historic and Artistic Places and Natural Areas" of Cáceres Province.

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