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Accessibility is the extent to which people with disabilities can use a service. Specifically, in discussing Web accessibility is referring to a Web design that will allow these people toperceive, understand, navigate and interact with the Web, in turn contributing content.

This website has been arranged and configured to allow navigation by all types of users, thusallowing for programming using the most advanced techniques and accessibility guidelines.

Among the key features:

     Clarification of the fate of the links or hyperlinks (they include a clarification of its destination).
     The logical order of the elements on the screen (the pages are structured with headings, prioritizing content and facilitate understanding).
     Technical help reading tables of data (including headers identifiers).
     Graceful degradation of the site without styles (structural markup allows the proper display ofall contents).
     The font sizes are defined relatively so you can expand or decrease the font size from thebrowser options.